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LifeCORE Bike - LC950RBs


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  • Compact 44-Inch Step-Through Design
  • 12 Preset "Quick Key" Programs
  • 4 Heart Rate Control Programs
  • 5-Inch Pedal Spacing to Reduce Joint Stress
  • Handlebar Contact Heart Rate Sensors
  • High-Tech Display with Time and Temp Reading
  • Self Generated Power
  • Scratch Resistant Coating on Shrouds
  • Extra Cushioned Seat Bottom
  • Quick Release Pedals
  • Patent Pending Ergo-Flex Mesh Seating
  • Polar Compatible
  • Updated Low-Profile Console with Magazine Holder
  • Large Built-in Transportation Wheels for Added Mobility
  • User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs



  • Length: 44 inches
  • Width: 29.5 inches
  • Height: 42 inches
  • Weight: 115 pounds


  • Length: 51 inches
  • Width: 13 inches
  • Height: 26 inches
  • Weight: pounds

LifeCORE LC950RBS Bikes

Advanced Workout Feedback

At the heart of the LC950RBs is a stunning 2-color LCD display that keeps you up-to-speed on vital stats like time, distance, calories burned and even temperature.

Preset Workout Programs

Selecting a workout program is easy thanks to the newly designed "Quick Key" programming. With a push of a button you'll be able to choose from 12 preset workout programs and 4 customized heart rate control programs.

Ergonomic, Comfortable Design

For maximum comfort while exercising the LC950RBs features a patent pending Ergo-Flex Mesh seat system. This ergonomically designed seating configuration is reminiscent of expensive office chairs and provides a multitude of adjustments, including infinite degrees of forward and backward seat positioning.

Other features include easy-to-use contact heart rate sensors, a power cord that plugs in front or back and a full 5-year parts warranty for residential use.

Download: Owners Manual

Warranty LifeCORE Bike - LC950RBs

Residential Warranty
  • 1 Year
  • 5 Years
Light Commercial Warranty
  • 90-Days
  • 2 Years

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Customer Reviews

  1. Excellent Bike!


    Thsi is the best bike in the $1399 price range. Smooth and quiet. I also have the LifeCore 100 rowing machine...I love it.

    -- Review by Tristan
  2. really nice stationary bike


    Compact, so it fits my small bungalow, easy to set up with quality parts and functions great!

    -- Review by joe
  3. Great Bike!


    I just purchased this bike and really, really, like it! The bike is very quiet, smooth and sturdy. The adjustments to the seat make the peddling customized just to your body. I highly recommend this bike!

    -- Review by Randy
  4. One small problem


    I have been using this bike for the last few weeks and love almost everything about it. It's quiet, smooth, easy to use. I'm very happy with one small exception... the calorie counter is WAY, WAY off. My old "butt buster" calculated the calories burned much closer than what this one does. Fix that tiny problem and I would give it 5 stars.

    -- Review by Uny
  5. Thanks to LifeCORE!


    Last October, I purchased a LifeCORE LC950RB Recumbent Bike. It is hands-down the finest piece of exercise equipment I’ve ever owned. It is smooth, solid, supremely comfortable … and the loudest sound when I’m on it is my shoes against the pedal guard. Not only that, but this bike has changed my life. I’m a 57-yeard-old fat guy. The first time I got on the bike, I set the resistance at 6 (out of 18) and was dead at 6 minutes. The next day I did seven minutes. This morning, five months later, I did an hour with the resistance at 13 … a little over 11 miles. And I do that six days a week, sometimes seven. Last week I noticed my pants were a little loose, so I broke out a pair of smaller jeans that now fit perfectly. So I got on the scale and noticed I’d lost 20 pounds. Am I still a fat old man? Of course. But not as fat as when I purchased my bike. And I haven’t felt this healthy since I was 35. If I can lose 20 pounds by accident and get my energy back in five months, I’m interested to see what I feel like after a year. Thanks LifeCORE!

    -- Review by Customer
  6. Awesome!


    Finally a bike that doesn't kill my knees! Very smooth and quiet ride. Figuring out how to setup the programs are a littlle tricky, but once you figure it out it's good to go!

    -- Review by Kitty-Kat
  7. Can it be this quiet?


    I can't believe how quiet my new LifeCore bike is. I'm talking QUIETER than whisper quiet. Really, the loudest noise is my gym trunks swishing. This is great, especially compared to my old treadmill that sounds like a blender and drives my wife crazy when I'm on it. The workout is smooth and solid, too. I LOVE THIS BIKE. I keep finding extra time for just a 10 or 15 minute ride in additional to my morning workout.

    -- Review by Darrell
  8. Way fast delivery


    I couldn't believe how fast I got my new cycle. I ordered on Wednesday and the freight guys called my the next Tuesday, wanting to deliver. I scheduled for the next day between 2 and 2:30 (not between 8 and noon or noon and 5 like the cable guy). They showed up at 2:15. How do you move such a big thing so far so fast? I had it assembled and in front of the TV in plenty of time to cycle through the aftenoon news.

    -- Review by New Biker
  9. Pleasantly surprised


    I am extremely happy with the quality of this bike. I live in an apartment and this bike is small enough to sit right in my living room, but it's very well made and very sturdy so I feel like I got a great product for the price. The seat keeps me comfy while I'm trying the different programs. I'm just really happy about this purchase and highly recommend it.

    -- Review by Cam
  10. Love the mesh seat


    FINALLY somebody got it right! A breathable, mesh back support. I’ve loved riding these bikes at the gym in the past but just hated going to the gym. I’m so impressed with the comfort of this machine. I’m a big guy and can quickly adjust the unit to my long legs – the sliding seat is smooth and sturdy. The display is very intuitive and easy to use. If you’re in the market for a recumbent, this is a great bike and seems very well built. The service with LifeCore was a pleasant surprise. I called with a question and a live person picked up the phone and answered my question in one minute. Overall I’m very satisfied with this product.

    -- Review by Tall guy