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LifeCORE Bike - LS-XT AirBike


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LifeCORE Bike - LS-XT AirBike

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  • Compact Design
  • Wind Resistance
  • Dual-Action Movements
  • Variable Workouts
  • Oversized Comfort Pedals
  • Commercial-Grade Frame
  • Heavy-Duty Belt Drive System
  • Adjustable Seat
  • Scratch Resistant Coating
  • Simple Consol Display
  • Self-Powered
  • User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs



  • Length: 39 inches
  • Width: 27 inches
  • Height: 53 inches
  • Weight: 117 pounds


  • Length: 44 inches
  • Width: 15 inches
  • Height: 28 inches
  • Weight: pounds


The LifeCORE LS-XT AirBike is one of the most innovative air bikes on the market today. From the space-saving design, dual-action mobility, you're can get a great workout any time, any where.

Customizable Fit

Nothing makes a workout better than when you are able to customize it to fit your body. That's why the AirBike has elements like the adjustable seat with 11 different heights to choose from, the oversized pedals that provide more space for stability and comfort and the upper-body workout arms that engages your muscles without straining your arms. All of these combine to give you a truly customized exercise experience.

Variable Workout

This LS-XT AirBike lets you pedal, push with your arms, pull with your arms and go backwards or forwards for an upper and lower body workout so you get that high calorie burn. You can change up your workout every time.

Download: Owners Manual

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  • 90-Days
  • 2 Years

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